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Thank You Page Best Practices

As simple as a Thank You sounds, there are certain thank you page best practices you need to be aware of.  We have already covered one best practice in our article about the Redirect page.  That is you don’t follow up an opt in with a Thank you,  You follow up an opt in with a redirect page.

Say where does the Thank You Page come into play?  According to our best practices you will send an email which has a link to get to the Free report or whatever they opted in for.  That link on your first email to them will go to your Thank You Page.

This is a good idea for several reasons.  The first is that you are asking people to click on something to get their free report which starts to get them into the habit of clicking on emails from you. This is a habit you want to cultivate to make money later.  The second reason is that your Thank You Page is one more opportunity to sell.  Your Thank You Page does not just say “thank you, here is your free report”  Your thank you page should say “thank you, here is a link to your free report and… here are some other things you might like.

Here is a sample of Thank You Page Best Practices.

Thank You Page Best Practices

Use Your Thank You Page To Make Some Other Offers

So here we have easy access to the Free Report they signed up for and then two offers that may be of interest to someone who signed up for an affiliate marketing report.  Don’t over do this.  Putting 6-8 offers on the age may seem like a good idea because you think they might pick one.  But our testing has shown that too many offers leads to less clicking on the offers.

But make sure the offers make sense to your audience.  For example, if above there was a link to make money by investing in Forex Trading that wouldn’t really make sense for this audience,  Even though they want to make money online they have not said they were interested in trading online.  They signed up for affiliate marketing.

One final note, these offers should be modestly priced.  You are not trying to make a big ticket item sale here.  You want to keep your audience saying yes to you so make it easy by putting up offers that are not too costly at this point.



Make Money With Your Redirect Page

The redirect page is very often overlooked as a means of making money.  We all know the money is in the list but you have to get the money out of the list.  One of the biggest money leaks that many online marketers have in their marketing funnels is immediately after opt in.

When someone chooses to opt in to your list they have just said “Yes”.  They want more of whatever you have been talking to them about.  They have volunteered at least their e-mail address so they are open and in the mood to hear about other promotions.

Unfortunately, most online marketers at this point send them to a “Thank You” for signing up page.  You are probably giving them a free report or something of value or they would not have signed up with you.  So you don’t have to say thank you.  Let me repeat that, you don’t have to say thank you.  I’m not being rude but you need to put an offer in front of them.

So here is how you leverage this situation.  I use a very simple redirect page.  You can see it right here.  It is this simple.

Redirect Page

Make Money With Your Redirect Page

I have a page that looks very much like this after every opt in I set up.  It tells them that I just emailed directions on how to get their free report and gives them a few seconds to read this page which offers a bonus. Then this page AUTOMATICALLY Redirects them to an offer.  It is a perfect fit if you can give them a real one time offer.  But sometimes you may not have that ability, it is still ok to just send them to an offer that is closely related to why they opted in to your list.

Here is the little bit of html code you need to add to your page to make it automatically redirect to an offer:

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”4; URL=YOUR DOMAIN OR AFFILIATE LINK HERE”>

Insert this just before your “Title Tag” for the page.  Where it says content = 4 that is how many seconds your page will be up before it redirects.  From personal experience I use 4 seconds. If you decide to add a lot of copy to this page (which I don’t recommend) you may have to make this longer.  Where is says URL= you should put the address of where you want to take them, it can be an affiliate offer.

This will take them right to an offer directly related to why they signed up for your list.  When you do this correctly you will get sales.  The percentage of sales will not be high but you will make some money while building your list this way.

This does require a little html know how and assume that you have your own website to and can create websites etc.  You can do this on a wordpress blog page.  Make sure when you add the code above that you are editing under that tab that says “Text” and not visual so the code will work.

Next we will cover an actual Thank You page where you have the opportunity to make some more cash from your list.

The Best Opt In Page Designs

You really can’t overstate the importance of having the best opt in page designs working for you.  The reasons for this should be obvious but just in case let’s be clear.  Your opt in page design has a lot to do with your opt in rate. The better your opt in page design the more sign

Best Opt In Designs

Is This The Best Opt In Design?

ups you will get.

Obviously if you are paying for traffic directly by paying for solo ads or Facebook ads or whatever you will get this right away.  But even if you are driving traffic through SEO or other “free” forms of traffic you should want to maximize your sign-ups. If every person on your list is worth at least $1/month then it stands to reason that you want as many people on your list as possible.  One of the ways to maximize your opt ins is by using the best opt in designs.

The Best Opt In Designs-What Are They?

It was not that long ago that the best opt in designs included a lot of copy that included an enticing headline, lots of product benefits, social proof etc. Of course all of these had flashing red arrows pointing to where you should enter your email address.  I’m sure you’ve seen tons of these.  They still work but they aren’t necessarily the best opt in designs.

Recently, marketers have discovered that the best opt in designs are actually much more simplistic.  There are two main types of opt ins being used now with great effect.  The first opt in type includes a big panoramic visual that usually has an ocean scene like the picture above or something from the sky with nice clouds.

Typically these opt ins will have an intriguing or enticing headline and a big opt in buttons

Best Opt In Designs

Best Opt In Designs- Affiliate Marketing

but that is about it.  Here is the opt in page you may have seen to join one of my lists. I certainly didn’t invent this style but I use it and here’s why.  The opt in design you see here gets me an over 40% opt in rate.  Until I can beat that I will keep using it.

The other big idea that is happening with opt in pages is making them look like they go with the initial sales page that you redirect to.  The idea is that you as an affiliate can create an opt in page with an offer that makes it look like you are directly connected to the sales page.

Here is an opt in page I’ve use for the dog training segment. You can see the same big

Best Opt In Page Designs

Best Opt In Page Designs Reflect The Product Landing Page

panoramic picture idea with a simple opt in box design.  The report offered matches the graphics of the actual products imagery when you are connected through to the sales page.



Here’s part of the landing page for The Online Dog Trainer. You can see the same blue graphic layout as the Free Report offered on the opt in page above.

Best Opt In Page Designs

The Landing Page Will Look Natural If Your Opt In Page Is Done Right

Interestingly I found an opt in page on The Online Dog Trainer website and it looks like the product owner has learned about the best opt in page designs.  Look at his own opt in page.


Best Opt In Page Designs

Everyone Is Catching On To The Best Opt In Page Designs

Notice he is using a nice beach scene and still got a dog into the image.  (Coincidentally the same kind of dog we used.) He shows a product imagew, has one simple headline that conveys urgency.  Finally, a nice big opt in button.  These kind of opt in pages are getting the highest opt in rates.

Note that he did not include a long list of all the things this Free Report will cover or do.  He doesn’t have arrows all over the page pointing to the opt in box.

The best opt in page designs work because they create a sense of confidence.  These pages are not trying to hard or overselling.  They look nice and professional and treat the reader as an intelligent person that they are trying to help by giving them a solution to one of their problems.  No wonder than that the opt in rates are so high with this type of design.


How To Choose Your Affiliate Marketing Niche

It can be easily overlooked but perhaps the most important thing you can do is spend time learning how to choose your affiliate marketing niche. Nothing is really more important. You must choose wisely. If you do not choose wisely then all the great marketing techniques in the world cannot help you. Conversely, if you choose wisely then you know that your market is viable.

So how do you choose your affiliate marketing niche. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your affiliate marketing niche:

  • Do you have any competitors?
  • Are there lots of products available for your niche?
  • Is your niche willing to spend money for the products/services you can offer

You may be surprised that we are looking for competitors.  But the truth is if your niche has absolutely no competitors there is a reason.  Unfortunately, the reason is that you can’t make any money in a niche that doesn’t have any competition.  Other marketers would have discovered you niche by now if there was a way to make money in it.  (Unless of course you are some sort of product development genius and have created a brand new category all together.)

Here are two videos that show you how to see if your niche is viable.  The first video uses magazines as a way to check out the popularity of your niche.  The second video uses Clickbank to show you how to determine if your niche has any potential.

Check them out and let us know what you think.

Choose Your Affililiate Marketing Niche- Clickbank

[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”314″]

Choose Your Affililiate Marketing Niche- Magazines

[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”313″]



The Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy

It is pretty easy to get confused about the best affiliate marketing strategy with all of the information out there.  Everyone is throwing what I call “try this ideas” at you.  Typically these are approaches that are ok or work if you already have a sound affiliate marketing business.  But if you are just getting started it isn’t really going to help you  in the long run.

Over the years I have purchased a number of very expensive online marketing courses.  Even this year I have purchased a few.  What I’ve discovered is that at the core they all promote the same model as the best affiliate marketing strategy.  Here is the best affiliate marketing strategy in a nutshell.

Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy Has 5 Steps

As simple as it seems, this is it.  Courses charging thousands of dollars distill down to the plan posted above.  Obviously, there is a great amount of detail that can be expanded upon for each of these 5 different areas.

Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy

One of the best pieces of advise I have ever heard about affiliate marketing is that you have to just do a little more than your competition.  There are thousands of affiliates out there, trying to promote many of the same products and services as you.  To stand out you have to do just a little more than all of them.  You can’t just send people to your offer.  Here are the 5 steps that make up the best affiliate marketing strategy.

1. Niche Selection

Make sure you pick a niche that has a large audience willing to pay for the products and/or services that can help them.

2. Opt-In Page

You need to develop a compelling opt-in page that gets a very high opt-in rate for your target audience..

3. Thank You Page

Once someone is opted in you say “thank you” while simultaneously “selling” them something right away.  Nothing big, just something small to try and cover your advertising costs.

4. Follow Up E-mail

Once you are getting people into your list, you need to communicate with them on a regular basis about things that are important to them.

5. Content Development

When you communicate with your audience you need to deliver quality content through articles, videos webinars and seminars.

In the next week or so I will go into more detail on each of these topics. But if you just get this outline you will be way ahead of most affiliate marketers who just send their traffic directly to an offer.

Remember as an affiliate marketer you are in the business of helping connect people with a solution to a problem they have or filling a need they have.