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Affiliate Marketing Tips-Pet Peeve #1

I’ve been coaching soccer, little league and softball for years.   Of course coaching is all about Pet Peevepositive attitude and getting the most out of your players.  I love coaching and I love sports but  as a coach you develop a number of pet peeves over time.  Most are with the parents of your players, some with the refs and yes I admit I even have a few pet peeves with the kids.

I always make a point to tell the kids what my pet peeves are at the start of the season.  So for example, any of the older kids who play soccer for me know that if you take a corner kick you have to put the ball in play in front of the goal somewhere, anywhere.  It drives me crazy if you serve the ball and it goes out behind the touch line without anyone ever getting a chance to play it.

Well I also love affiliate marketing but I do have some pet peeves.  Right now my biggest pet peeve is with those long form sales videos.  They used to be long form sales pages but you had easy control over those and could scroll up and down the page however you wanted.

Now with video you are forced into watching everything sequentially and you don’t even know

Bring The Fresh

How Long Is This Going To Be?

how long its going to go on for.  Is the sales page 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 20 minutes or more?The problem is you don’t know.

And they don’t give you any controls for the video playback.  That drives me crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, I know why they do it. Those sales videos work.  If they didn’t work everyone would stop doing it.  That’s the beauty of this business. Everything is measurable and you can adapt accordingly.

Most people are probably ok with these long sales videos. But if you have a problem with them here are some affiliate marketing tips to help take care of this particular pet peeve.

First of all you should be using a Chrome or Firefox web browser. They are free and you can use the links below if you aren’t already using Chrome or Firefox.  Mozilla Firefox

Once you have the browser installed open it and go to: 

It will provide the flash video downloader for your browser automatically.  Install it. Again this is free.  Once you install it you will see a little downward pointing arrow to the right of your search bar.  See below.

flash arrow

The little x at the bottom of the arrow lets you know that there is no video available on the web page you are viewing.  However, when you get to a page with video the little x will disappear and you can download the video on the webpage you are viewing.

So go to Bring The Fresh I am not associated with this product and I don’t know the owners. I’m sure they are good guys. They don’t tell you how long the video is but at least they do give you a control so you can go forward and backwards if you pause the video.  A lot of sales video don’t even give you this.

But if you want to get full control over this  go to Bring The Fresh and click on the downloader arrow you will see something that looks like this.

Bring The Fresh

 Now you can download the video and open it on your desktop with the video player of your choice.  Since I’ve done this I can tell you that this video is 10:53 long.  That’s honestly not so bad compared to some sales videos.

So that’s how I deal with this particular affiliate marketing pet peeve of mine.

I’m sure you’ve got some pet peeves of your own.  Let me know and let’s see if we can figure out a way to fix them for you.

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