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Inbox Blueprint Review – What Is It About?

Inbox Blueprint Review

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This is our Inbox Blueprint Review.  If you’re looking for the official Inbox Blueprint site, click the link below:

Inbox Blueprint- Official Site

Inbox Blueprint Review and others have certainly noticed the increase in unemployment and the overall lack of any job stability in the traditional world.  However, the past few years have also seen a number of online marketers hit the skids.  Changes to Google, Facebook etc

Inbox Blueprint Review

Inbox Blueprint Review Loves Anik’s Videos

have all contributed to this.  However, it brings up the question of online job security.  Inbox Blueprint Review takes a look at one program that seems to be promising or at least promoting

Inbox Blueprint Review – What It’s About

Inbox Blueprint is a complete course from A-Z.  This Inbox Blueprint Review will just cover the major chapters.  However, through bonus materials our review noted that there is material for those who need help buying their first domain name, hosting and how to install a wordpress website etc.

Inbox Blueprint Outline

There are 8 major chapter to Inbox Blueprint in addition to a variety of Inbox bonus materials as discussed elsewhere:

  1. Addiction Meter
  2. The Bait
  3. TYP Method
  4. Email Machine
  5. List Relationship
  6. Payday Secrets
  7. Easy Traffic
  8. Unlimited Success

The course actually start at the beginning so Inbox newbies can even learn some great lessons about niches and how to pick them.  Anik has some great rules that you have to memorize so you’ll always know if you are dealing with a good niche or not.  The Bait is basically the opt-in page and basically outlines what will get you the most and best responses on your opt-in page.  How do you maximize signing up buyers.  The Inbox TYP method is priceless and in our opinion a real cornerstone and value of the Inbox Blueprint course.  It is all about how to set up your Thank You page. (Hint: Everyone is doing it wrong) The Inbox Email machine is all about autoresponders and how to set them up.  Then we get into your list relationship and the different types of emails you should be sending. (Hint:Don’t just send promotions everyday) It also covers how often you should be staying in contact with your list. Then we move into how to get people to buy.  What are the key things you need to do to bring someone along so that they develop trust in you and will buy from you.  Finally, Inbox Blueprint goes into the best forms of traffic for list building both paid and free.  Finally, Inbox Blueprint unlimited success talks about how to manage your business. You learn what to measure, what is important and what to do when you run into problems.

As mentioned above, Inbox Blueprint is a complete course and everything is covered in great detail.

Inbox Blueprint Review – What We Like

There are two major things that this review found very attractive and worth the price of admission.  The first thing and one of Anik’s favorites to is the Thank You Page strategy.  For those of us who already know about opt-in pages auto responders etc. this was a missing piece of the puzzle.  The Inbox Blueprint Review noted that the Thank You Page strategy will immediately bring increased profits to anyone building a list.  

The second favorite thing for Inbox Blueprint Review is the detailed discussion about the different types of emails to send, when to send them and how to write them. It really opened our eyes to a completely new way to communicate with our list.  Again, this will reap huge dividends.

Inbox Blueprint Review – What We Didn’t Like

Anik is a great presenter and the videos with him at the white board are excellent.  Inbox Blueprint Review likes learning this way and there were places where we thought there could have been a little more video presentation. There is a lot of video but some chapters were more printed word.  Inbox Blueprint Review loves his videos so we would ask for more of those.

Inbox Blueprint Review – Overall Thoughts

Inbox review feels like this is one of those products that every serious online marketer has to have.  The fundamentals are so sound that you will always go back to this to review how you should talk to your list no matter what the niche.  Inbox Blueprint Review has purchased this product out of our own pocket and you can see our Inbox video walk-through here. Inbox really is one of the internet marketing classics.  Inbox Blueprint will be around for a long time if Anik let’s it out on the market place. Inbox should be one of those evergreen courses that you will be glad you bought even 5 years from now because you will still be using Inbox methods.

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Here is the link to my Inbox Blueprint Video Walkthrough.