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Thank You Page Best Practices

As simple as a Thank You sounds, there are certain thank you page best practices you need to be aware of.  We have already covered one best practice in our article about the Redirect page.  That is you don’t follow up an opt in with a Thank you,  You follow up an opt in with a redirect page.

Say where does the Thank You Page come into play?  According to our best practices you will send an email which has a link to get to the Free report or whatever they opted in for.  That link on your first email to them will go to your Thank You Page.

This is a good idea for several reasons.  The first is that you are asking people to click on something to get their free report which starts to get them into the habit of clicking on emails from you. This is a habit you want to cultivate to make money later.  The second reason is that your Thank You Page is one more opportunity to sell.  Your Thank You Page does not just say “thank you, here is your free report”  Your thank you page should say “thank you, here is a link to your free report and… here are some other things you might like.

Here is a sample of Thank You Page Best Practices.

Thank You Page Best Practices

Use Your Thank You Page To Make Some Other Offers

So here we have easy access to the Free Report they signed up for and then two offers that may be of interest to someone who signed up for an affiliate marketing report.  Don’t over do this.  Putting 6-8 offers on the age may seem like a good idea because you think they might pick one.  But our testing has shown that too many offers leads to less clicking on the offers.

But make sure the offers make sense to your audience.  For example, if above there was a link to make money by investing in Forex Trading that wouldn’t really make sense for this audience,  Even though they want to make money online they have not said they were interested in trading online.  They signed up for affiliate marketing.

One final note, these offers should be modestly priced.  You are not trying to make a big ticket item sale here.  You want to keep your audience saying yes to you so make it easy by putting up offers that are not too costly at this point.