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It is time to talk about follow up email now that you’ve figured out your niche and have your opt-in, redirect and thank you pages figured out.   There are two primary ways you can follow up with email messages on your auto-responder.  You can have your follow up emails preset and ready to go or you can broadcast to your list when you figure out something you want to send to them.

Follow Up Email Frequency

Follow Up Email

Write Follow Up Emails Every Day To Stay In Touch With Your List

One of the questions that gets asked a lot is “how often should I write to my list?”.  The answer may surprise you.  But you should communicate at least every day, that’s right, I said every day.  I admit that I take Sunday’s off but that is a personal choice that is not based on the research that is out there.  Research has shown you should communicate at least once a day.

You are probably thinking “don’t people get tons of emails everyday?”  Yes, they do and that is why you should be writing to your list frequently. How often do you just toss out email you get because you don’t have time?  But then one hits you at the right time on the right day and you open the email and read it and maybe even click through.  That is why you should be writing everyday.  The odds are pretty good that your list won’t be opening and engaging with your email every day.  Hopefully, you will catch them a few times a week.

Follow Up Email- Preset

Preset follow up emails are a great way to go because you write them once and then you are done.  Some people actually load a few months of emails into their auto-responders.  I tend to only go out 7-10 days to get started and then I interact daily based on what is going on.

Everyone should have their Welcome follow up email preset.  The Welcome email is your first email and should tell your list what they should expect to receive from you.  It is important that this first Welcome email provides them with a link to some very valuable information. You need to make a good first impression and this is your only chance.  So make it seem like this is something they will want to be a part of.

Follow Up Email- Broadcasts

Broadcast emails are really no different than pre-set.  It’s just that you may write them on a daily basis depending on what is happening in your category.  Maybe someone just came out with a new product or service and you want to tell your list about it.  Write it up and send out a broadcast.  Maybe there has been some legislation passed that impacts your audience so you want to tell your list.  The advantage of broadcast follow up email is that it is timely and topical.  You know that your message will be current.

Follow Up Email- Content

So what do you write to your list?  Obviously, you will send them offers because that is how you make money from your list.  But don’t overdo this.  If all you do is send offers to them everyday then they will unsubscribe.  If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you tend to unsubscribe quicker from a list that just ends you one offer after another without ever sharing anything useful or insightful.

There are basically three types of follow up emails you will be sending:

1. Sales offers as discucssed above.

2.Information- Send emails with link to articles or videos you provide on how to help your list with some problem

3. Personal stories- Try and let your list know a little bit about you and how you approach things.  Build a relationship by sharing personal stories.  Ideally, these stories will have some overall theme that you can relate to the business or niche that you are in.  For example if you are in a niche like dog training and your dog does something to embarrass you share that story and then maybe what you hope to do to fix the problem.

Always remember that your follow up emails are your primary way of communicating with your audience.  You already know that they are slammed with email from all sorts of sources.  So make certain that you are sending high quality content that they will find valuable.


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